The Temple of Direction is organized linearly. It creates a restricted passage which expands in the center into a large hall. This is a response to the openness of the playa; it is a space traveled end to end; versus wandering an open plan; this temple provides direction and focus. Linearity also reflects the passage of life; all lives have a beginning, a middle and an end which metaphorically is included in this temple's form. Following this metaphor a variety of spaces are created; narrow spaces and wide spaces, dark spaces and bright spaces. Tunnels create intimate experiences with shade, and spaces between the gates are a depository for memorials. A large central hall expands in width and height providing a bright area suitable for gatherings or performances with a staggered edge for peripheral participation.

It is the intent that visitors will follow the similar paths through the Temple of Direction which ideally create a similarity of experience among visitors and hopefully foster the realization that we share this journey of life together.


The Koi Pond

Essence Engineering

Matt Elson

Luminous Waveforms

J-Wo Wooty