As a Burning Man institution, the Temple is a most sacred and cherished place to so many. This year, the honor of building it has been entrusted to us. We are humbled to have this privilege, and are working hard to establish the funding for this project. 

Building the Temple is a large and complex architectural project layered with many unique challenges. Among those, the cost of all materials, equipment, transportation, and basic infrastructure need to be covered by the Temple of Direction.

to build this temple we depend on Considerable fundraising efforts, and The donations of our generous supporters and Community. With your Kindhearted and Charitable support, we will with our hearts and souls, bring the Temple of Direction to the playa.

If the Temple means something to you or someone you love, please make a donation. It can be large or small, and in your name or the name of someone you cherish. We are so very grateful, and sincerely appreciate your support.

 We love the Temple to our core, and we thank you for loving it as much as we do, and for helping us bring it to you.