Geordie VAn Der Bosch

Temple Builder

Geordie Van Der Bosch is from San Francisco, California. An architect and a musician, he camps with the Black Rock Roller Disco.

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Derek Leahy

Co-Project Manager

Derek is from Cork, Ireland. Long time Garage Mahal Camper.

“Burning Man is my place to be my real self, my chosen tribe. It’s an honor and privilege to be part of the temple crew this year.”


Cat Cabalo

General Lead & LEGAL

“The Temple has rejuvenated my old jaded Burner spirit and reminded me that, like all things, including Burning Man, we too must evolve.”


Carmen geddit

Communication Lead

Carmen is from Toowoomba, Australia. She first attended the Burn in 2009 and still hasn’t picked her jaw up off the floor.

The temple makes me cry. For the very best reasons.



Leave No Trace Lead

“The Temple was there for me when I’ve needed it. I’ve had losses on many levels and they still continue. It only feels right to help the Temple for someone else who may need it.”

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Al Stahler

Burn Supervisor

Al is a Pyro Technician and Fire Artist from Menlo Park California.

“The burn is a sacred release experienced by tens of thousands who have gathered that night. It is my honor and privilege to make it happen.”

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Kentucky Sunshine

volunteer coordinator

Administrative magician behind big art projects.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be a Temple Builder, to witness this vision rise from the dust and to be a part of the co-creation of such a sacred space.”


Dillon Nicholson

Fundraising Lead

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Yingjie Ou

Social Media Marketing